Wednesday, November 28, 2007

nicole kidman daniel craig and hugh grant

Yesterday I went into town to do a little shooting – I wanted a few cut-aways indicating things like speed, travel, light, global warming and time distortion. All of these things happen quite regularly in central London, so I thought I’d be OK.

The main focus was to get stop motion video clips – and to do this I used an ordinary camera set on 3megapixels and tripod mounted. I then took photos one after another.

I was a little annoyed when I found I couldn’t get into Soho because the police had closed off the streets, but less so when I realized that Leicester Square was playing host to the premiere of “the golden compass”.

I decided to stick around. This might be a good opportunity to get some footage for stock libraries…

Because I was there at about 2pm, I was able to pick out a pretty good space. Right opposite the sky TV spot on the red carpet. A band of autograph hunters had already begun to gather (I was stood next to someone with a T-shirt bearing the words “you are looking at the next Mrs Daniel Craig” and with a poster which got a lot of press attention for her. She was interviewed by about 4 news teams.

About 3 hours later, someone from the X-factor production came by trying to whip the crowd up into a fervor about the fact that the remaining contestants were coming to the premiere. They wanted to get some interviews and shots giving the impression that somebody cared. They’ll have their work cut out editing the results, I think! a guy nearby gave an interview, but he was really taking the piss.

So much of TV is so crap!

Anyway, eventually (around 6 – after I’ve been waiting around for 4 hours in the cold). The stars started to turn up and I was in a great position to get shots of Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig (who of course agreed to marry the woman next to me) and Hugh Grant. Of course the X factor people were there, but I didn’t want to waste too much tape on them!

Here’s some of the results:

Anybody know where’s a good library to sell stock footage of celebrities? I don’t want to think I stood in the cold for nothing!

CG stock
At the same time, I’m trying to render out some stock footage for the science library – the 2nd computer has been rendering for a couple of weeks now and it’s time to turn the 8,000 single frames of video into high quality HD clips. Not surprisingly this is really choking up the computer… everything is slow – including writing text files. What can I do while this is going on? Well, I’m trying to do admin, but it’s infuriating because everything is so slow.

Electric sky now tell me there’s a company interested in broadcasting the shark evolution documentary! Great news, but they want a HD version. I’ve only had a SD version made up because it costs so much to get the HD transfer done. Never mind, if they say yes, it’ll be worth having the master done.

I’ve now got confirmed interviews with Jodrell bank and with an expert on solar sailing – both in the next couple of weeks. That should give me enough material to put together a trailer to start selling “going to Gliese”.

Hopefully I’ll get some feedback on the synopsis and budget next week.

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